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Larry's To-Do List App is a task management application that helps you get things done. 

Whether working on a project, making a grocery list, planning a trip, or keeping your business/activity organized, Larry's To-Do List makes it extremely easy to enter, track, share and complete your To-Dos.

Download Larry's To-Do free App from Mac App Store


Download DMG for Mac. Unzip the file, open the .dmg and drag and drop rge Larry's To-Do List application to the Applications folder.

ToDoList 241.dmg (zip)


Why Larry's To-Do List


  • Free App
  • No Account/Internet Needed
  • Secure-Saves Locally or your private iCloud
  • No Ads
  • Syncs/Backups to iCloud if desired
  • Easy Sharing
  • Notes&Whiteboard
  • Dictate/Speech.

Data Security


Independent App

The most secure To-Do App, by not requiring you to store any info on the cloud and no account registration is needed. This is an Independent App, making sure the big companies are not spying on you or marketing your data. This keeps your data private.

Saves Data Locally

Secure Storage of Data. Data is stored in just three files: ltodolist.txt for the tasks, ltodonotext.txt for the notes and ltodolistwhiteboard.png for the whiteboard. This provides great security as both of these files are located on your computer. We are not storing your data in the cloud and not transferring info over the Internet unless you use the Share or Sync with your private iCloud buttons.

Optional Private iCloud Storage

You can still sync the data to the iCloud securely if desired with the scope to back it up or to share it on other computers using the same account, like using it inside a company with sharing within employees using the company iCloud account. This data resides only in the private section of either your or your business iCloud account being completely safe. You may decide to not sync data with the iCloud though and keep it only on your computer. The Sync with iCloud buttons are only one click away if needed.

Advance Tracking

Each task can be tracked by a unique key which is automatically created.

What's New?

A much-expected feature for both private users and businesses: Synching of the local tasks database to your private/business Apple iCloud to allow for more sharing and collaboration.  With just two buttons, you are now able to save, backup and sync your data securely to your iCloud if desired. You can also update your data as needed from another/same mac, using the same iCloud account. Make sure to be logged in iCloud with your or company's account to use this feature. If you have a business, you can easily use the same business iCloud account across parties to be able to add and sync tasks between employees. This iCloud functionality is just a click away, but of course, you can still choose to work only locally and never sync or share your data to/from cloud.



• Whiteboard

• Share Whiteboard as images via iMessage, email, AirDrop or share them with other apps

• Due Today Filter

• Add/Edit todos

• Close/Complete todos  from the main screen sporting a ding sound

• Clone todos

• Sync/Backup the Tasks database to your private/business iCloud (*New in 2.41)

• Use a Name and Description for each todo

• Sort and Order todos

• Search/Find todos

• Set Priorities

• Set Start and Due Dates 

• Set Start and End Times

• Color Coding

• Filtering based on Status and Priority

• Hide/Unhide items

• Share Tasks via iMessage, email, AirDrop or share them with other applications

• Automatically generated Key for each todo for secure tracking

• Intuitive Material Design style graphical buttons

• Taking Notes in a floating window

• Notes: Auto-Save feature for so you cannot lose anything

• Autoscrolling to the latest notes

• Copy/Paste, Find

• Listen to Notes (Speech) and use Dictation

• Spelling, Substitutions, and Transformations

• Emoji and Symbols

• Dark Mode

Tasks Management

  • Manage your busy life and projects in an easy way with my to-do list app. 
  • Take notes, whiteboard, manage tasks, set priorities, start dates, due dates, color coding, filtering and hide/unhide items. 
  • Share tasks and whiteboard drawings via popular methods like iMessage, email, AirDrop and other applications.
  • NO need to register or create an account to use the application.

Security & Trust

  • Most secure To-Do App. The app is not storing your data in the cloud and not transferring info over the Internet either, unless you use the Share button.
  • Data is stored in three files: ltodolist.txt for the tasks/to-do list, ltodonotes.txt for notes and ltodolistwhiteboard.png for whiteboard drawings. All 3 are located on your computer.
  • Absolutely NO EMAIL account and NO REGISTRATION needed.

Download To Do List App for Mac from the Mac App Store

Versions History


  • V 2.41 Syncing of the local tasks database to your private/business Apple iCloud to allow for more sharing and collaboration.


  • V 2.4 Added Start and End Time fields for Tasks to allow for a more granular organization of Time.


  • V 2.3 Added Clone Tasks and Complete Tasks from main screen, with sound effect.


  • V 2.2 Tasks Due-Today view. Bug fixes.
  • V 2.1 Sharing Whiteboard drawings 
  • V 2.0 Whiteboard


  • V 1.9 Added Sorting Feature.
  • V 1.8 Added Search feature for Tasks. 
  • V 1.7 Upgrading to latest Swift version, improvements in the Move Task Up/Down feature.


  • V 1.6 Added Edit Options: Copy/Paste, Find, Speech, Dictation, Spelling, Substitutions and Transformations, Emoji and Symbols. Enhanced sharing to include more info about the task: Name, Start Date, Due Date, Description, Task Key and Message Key for tracking
  • V 1.5 Design and UX improvements. Material icon buttons. Auto-scrolling to end of the notes.
  • V 1.4 Taking Notes feature.
  • V 1.3 UI Improvements, Filtering, Hide/Unhide, Sharing features.
  • V 1.2 Design changes, Auto-Sizing, Calendar & Fields Validation, Bug fixes.


  • V 1.1 Reset Functionality in Add/Edit Tasks, Changing Colors and Dark Mode improvements.
  • V 1.0 (03/2019) First version with Add/Delete/Edit tasks features. 

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