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V 2.4 (08/2019) - Added Start and End Time fields for Tasks to allow for a more granular organization of Time.

V 2.3 - Added Close/Complete tasks from the main screen sporting a satisfying ding sound. Added Clone tasks functionality to simplify adding similar tasks.

V 2.2 - Added Due-Today view/filter to give more visibility for the tasks that should be completed through the day. Fixed issues with Global-Closed view, not displaying items.

V2.1 - Sharing functionality for your Whiteboard drawings. Share whiteboard images via iMessage, email, AirDrop or share them with other applications.

V2.0 - Whiteboard to draw during presentations or meetings just inside the application. It has features like: drawing using any color, eraser, revert as well as delete the whole board. Use the whiteboard for serious business or just for fun.

V1.9 - Added Sorting Feature. Click on each column header to sort Tasks ascending or descending by Start Date, Name, Description, Due Date, Status, Priority, Due Date or Key.

V1.8 - Added Search feature for Tasks. Find and filter tasks by searching for terms in name and description.

V 1.7 - Upgraded application code to the latest Swift version. Improved Move Task Up/Down feature in Global-All view to keep the current task selected so you can move the same task consecutively Up or Down without the need to reselect it.

V 1.6 - Added Edit Menu Options: Copy/Paste, Find, Speech, Dictation, Spelling, Substitutions and Transformations, Emoji and Symbols for all text fields including Notes taking. You can now dictate Notes or listen to them. The sharing functionality was enhanced to include more info about each task shared: Name, Start Date, Due Date, Description, Task Key. Each shared message includes now a Key for tracking purposes.

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Tasks Management

  • Manage your busy life and projects in an easy way with my to-do list app. 
  • Take notes, whiteboard, manage tasks, set priorities, start dates, due dates, color coding, filtering and hide/unhide items. 
  • Share tasks and whiteboard drawings via popular methods like iMessage, email, AirDrop and other applications.
  • NO need to register or create an account to use the application.

Security & Trust

  • Most secure To-Do App. The app is not storing your data in the cloud and not transferring info over the Internet either, unless you use the Share button.
  • Data is stored in three files: ltodolist.txt for the tasks/to-do list, ltodonotes.txt for notes and ltodolistwhiteboard.png for whiteboard drawings. All 3 are located on your computer.
  • Absolutely NO EMAIL account and NO REGISTRATION needed.

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Versions History


  • V 2.4 Added Start and End Time fields for Tasks to allow for a more granular organization of Time.


  • V 2.3 Added Clone Tasks and Complete Tasks from main screen, with sound effect.


  • V 2.2 Tasks Due-Today view. Bug fixes.
  • V 2.1 Sharing Whiteboard drawings 
  • V 2.0 Whiteboard


  • V 1.9 Added Sorting Feature.
  • V 1.8 Added Search feature for Tasks. 
  • V 1.7 Upgrading to latest Swift version, improvements in the Move Task Up/Down feature.


  • V 1.6 Added Edit Options: Copy/Paste, Find, Speech, Dictation, Spelling, Substitutions and Transformations, Emoji and Symbols. Enhanced sharing to include more info about the task: Name, Start Date, Due Date, Description, Task Key and Message Key for tracking
  • V 1.5 Design and UX improvements. Material icon buttons. Auto-scrolling to end of the notes.
  • V 1.4 Taking Notes feature.
  • V 1.3 UI Improvements, Filtering, Hide/Unhide, Sharing features.
  • V 1.2 Design changes, Auto-Sizing, Calendar & Fields Validation, Bug fixes.


  • V 1.1 Reset Functionality in Add/Edit Tasks, Changing Colors and Dark Mode improvements.
  • V 1.0 (03/2019) First version with Add/Delete/Edit tasks features. 

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